Certified in Swim Whisperer® Program

Coach Shila Eidman

Swim Whisperers® Certification Program teaches swim instructors the strategies needed to overcome the underlying challenges faced by their swimmers. This advanced adaptive aquatics training empowers instructors with the required tools to more effectively teach swimmers with Anxiety, Autism, Trauma, Discomfort, Physical Difficulties, Sensory Issues, Motor Problems, and Delays.


My son Bennett is 6 years old and has Down Syndrome. He has been taking lessons with Coach Shila since January 2023 and has loved every minute of it. Coach Shila has so much patience and is able to redirect him when he gets too stubborn. Bennett has improved dramatically as a swimmer over these past months and it makes me feel so much better that he is getting such wonderful training from a qualified instructor. It also helps that Bennett loves Coach Shila and is ready to jump into her arms at every lesson. I would absolutely recommend bringing your child, especially those with special needs, to Coach Shila for swim lessons!
– Amy C, parent

I spent over a year looking for someone to help my non-verbal ASD son learn water safety and swimming basics. Every place I called either denied him outright or said they’d never worked with a special needs child but would be willing to ‘try’. To say this was upsetting is an understatement. Then we found Patriot Swim School. From the beginning, there was zero hesitancy with my son. Coach Shila is well experienced with special needs children, and he took to her immediately! Throughout our time with her, my fears over my son and water have diminished greatly! He has made so much progress, and it is by far his most favorite weekly activity. Coach Shila has been so patient with him and works with him at his pace and his comfortability. I would recommend her a hundred times over to anyone with a special needs child looking for water safety and/or swimming lessons!
-Kelli S, parent

About a year ago, I reached out to Patriot Swim in regards to my son receiving swim lessons. My first question to Russ was that my son has Downs and if he was comfortable with that. He told me his wife, Shila, would love to work with him. She has a passion for special needs. Since that time, we have forged a relationship with Coach Shila, and he looks forward to seeing her at swim. She is very patient with him and lets him lead the session with her at the helm. He is one who has to think all things are his idea. But she rolls with it and implements the lesson. We learned that he needs more time and consistency to learn certain skills, which Shila has been so good with. He has learned so much while having fun, which keeps him engaged and willing to do the work.
Angel M, parent

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